"Dear Robert, Stacey and I just wanted to let you know how delighted we are
with the light fixture - "Structure of Light".  We are very appreciative of you
custom building this fixture, it would not have worked out otherwise.  The
workmanship, design is second to none.  Thanks again and good luck with
the business."

- Stacey and Tony Parkinson                                                                    "Dinner"

"Dear Robert, I met you recently at the Coliseum Craft Show in St. Pete. My
friend and I were SO impressed with your work. It's so whimsical and fun
(because you love kitchen articles), yet kind of intense at the same time
(because of the metal)."

- Shannon McMahon

"I hope all went well at the Art show in downtown Melbourne this week-end.  I
am the one who bought the grated cheese light.  It is absolutely PERFECT in
my unusual kitchen and your piece feels right at home as my walls are
flanked with real kitchen utensils into the plaster and the skylight features
trapezist made of  spoon and forks.  Again, you have a fan and I will make
sure to buy additional pieces when I can.  A big thank you."

- Catherine Seiler                                                                                         "Cookin"

"I saw your work at the Bloomin' Arts Festival.  Of all the "stuff " that was on
display - I keep thinking of yours- looking around my house and trying to find
a place for one.  I hope you had a successful showing in Bartow and a good


"Hello Mr. Perry, We bought the Radiance light fixture at the Naples Art
Festival last month. We love it!"

- Deborah Hagen                                                                                   "Radiance"

"Hi Robert, We received the light yesterday and can’t wait to see it installed!  
It looks like it will be perfect in our space.   We aren’t sure when it will be put
up, but your directions make it look easy.  Let us know when you will be back
in our area.  Thanks for everything."

- Sue Fernbach                                                                                          "Turbine"

"Rob, Just had to call and tell you that the "Palette" looks awesome.  I love it!
And thanks.  Let me know when you'll be in Fort Myers or nearby.  I'll be ready
for another piece.  Thanks, Tracy."

- Tracy Cullimore                                                                                         "Palette"

"I'm totally stunned by the Sculpture.  The design was totally awesome.  
Everyone thats seen it was like WOW that's a nice piece.  Thank you so
much.  I really don't have the words to say I love it and proud to own it.  See
you soon and Thanks again."

- Jef Beeman                                                                                         "All Aboard!"

"I just wanted to write and let you know the sculpture arrived safely and I
LOVE it!  Thank you so much, I am sure Doug will be very surprised and
pleased.  Thank you again.  I may be contacting you again to create a piece
for my son.  Merry Christmas!"

- Debbie Mackey                                                                            "Arts & Leisure"
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