A collection of children's bicycle parts
woven together to form a beautiful and
stunning lighted sculpture.  The shiny
chrome finish is highlighted as each exit
light bulb glows in a spoke pattern.  
This heavy engineered piece is
reminiscent of the old Ferris Wheels
from carnivals of yesteryear.

Dimensions: 25-1/2"h x 12"w x 19"d

Materials: 3 different children's
bicycle parts.  12" steel rim with rubber
tire, front forks, pedals with single
gear and chain, handlebars with rubber
grips, misc. automobile gears,
chrome-plated napkin ring, brass
hardware, nickel-plated brass
hardware, steel canopy, stainless steel
socket head cap screws

Bulb Type: (8)
Bulbrite 9T6.5C
T-6 9w /120v clear exit light bulbs
$ 795

Wheelie, 2006
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