"Hi Robert, Our house is in the
process of being renovated following
the hurricanes.  We have a great room
(kitchen, dining area and living area) with
different lighting needs.  Below are
pictures of the fan which will be in the
living area, and the pendants which will
be over the kitchen island.  We would
like a fixture/chandelier over the dining
table that will work with these items.  
The chandelier we had before was 23
inches in diameter and took a 300 watt
halogen bulb.  It was on a dimmer
switch.  The ceiling height is ten feet.  
We think that perhaps you could make
a version of
Wind which would be
appropriate over our table and be
complemented by these other items.  
Does that seem like a possibility to
you?  We are excited by the possibility
of having a “one of a kind” creation.  
Please let me know what you think.  

Dimensions: 36"h x 20"diameter

Materials: industrial steel fan housing,
steel fan cage, perforated aluminum
disk, nickel-plated base, aluminum
canopy, steel bar stock, nickel-plated
brass hardware

Bulb Type: (5) G-25 60w/120v silver-
crown (medium)
$ 595
Commissioned by:
Sue Fernbach
Melbourne Beach, FL

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